Specializing in Gluten Free Sweets & Savories

A girl and her love of good food

Hello there!
 I'm EB. I’m just a girl, in love with a boy. We just happen to be a girl and a boy with food allergies. Lucky for the
boy, this girl can cook. I love to create gluten free food and he loves to eat it! Guess we’re meant to be together. Together, we have a boy, who also has food allergies, thanks to us. Like his parents, he loves to eat but cooks mostly toast. Carbs don’t sustain his adolescent body. He needs me. We also have a not-so-little girl who eats anything she wants. Lucky. Good news is she’ll eat gluten free and like it. We’re just one big, happy allergenic family. 

How it all started...
I was a gluten lover in what now feels like a past life. I was also a practicing nutritionist and struggled for years to figure out why I was the sickest healthiest person I knew. Gluten was to blame. 'Just say no to gluten' became my mantra and I felt pretty darn good. I had little experience cooking with gluten free flours so I succumed to store bought cardboard, I mean bread, and spent hundreds of dollars on pre-packaged food. Too bad we didn't have a dog. Going without bread was okay for about a week. How many corn tortillas can one girl eat?! Let's just say the boys tried to eat the mistakes and savored the successes (very few). I thought I was a good cook until that point. Gluten free flours have a way of of diminishing your self esteem. Finally, I got a handle on the art of gluten free baking. Then came the next obstacle. Eliminate dairy?! No cheese?! But I like cows. I had to kick cow's milk products to the curb.  It was hard. I fought but dairy won.
The kitchen got busy. It was messy and there may or may not have been several bottles of red wine kicking around. The laundry piled up and the dust bunnies came to life. But after months of experimentation, I had really tasty gluten free/dairy free baked goods! The kitchen became a  gathering place. We shared gluten free food with our family and friends. Basically,  I cooked, they ate. I felt good. The boys felt good too. We saved money and didn't even miss gluten. I still missed cheese. EB's Kitchen became my side hustle and a way to share my food with others facing the ups and downs of a gluten free lifestyle. Eventually, there was no time for my day job, only baking and sometimes housework. And that is how EB's Kitchen came to be.
Let me cook for you!
Family and friends mean the world to me. They have been my inspiration to launch EB’s Kitchen. Cooking for them makes me happy and if I’m not happy, I don’t cook. No one eats. The little boy makes waffles. The boy I love eats eggs—maybe waffles the little boy cooks. I once had a birthday cake made out of waffles both boys cooked. Thankfully, I can make my own cakes now. And I can make yours too! I would love to help you live gluten free and LOVE it!
Erica Boynton, owner and cook